About Us

Africa Value Solutions Limited (AVS) is a professional training services provider focused on delivering life and career transforming qualifications. AVS is a company registered in Kenya and headquartered in Nairobi. AVS is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) providing over 50 international certification programs in various professional disciplines including project management, Information Technology, Business Management, Occupational Health and Safety, International Organization for Standards (ISO), Sales and Marketing among others. AVS is accredited by a number of International Professional Certifying bodies such The APM Group International, PeopleCert, The Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PEBC), The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) among others.


Africa Value Solutions Limited (AVS) is committed to providing internationally recognized professional programs that equip participants with pertinent know how and competencies to navigate successfully in the global work place environment. Our trainings and certifications help participants position themselves strategically to the tasks or assignments that they undertake thus enabling them produce first-rate results and remain competitive.


Africa Value Solutions Limited believes that individuals and organizations that manage personnel training effectively gain strategic advantage over their competitors. Our catalog of Best Management Practice course solutions include PRINCE2, ITIL, over 50 ISO Systems, COBIT5, Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), Lean IT, Lean/SIX Sigma, PMI, Sourcing, ASL, BiSL, among others.


Our courses present flexible, practical and effective guidance, drawn from a range of the most successful global business experiences. Distilled to their essential elements, our courses can be applied to every sort of business and organizations.


Our Vision:

“To be the company of choice in the provision of International Best Management Practice Courses that help meet the needs of an ever-changing society”


Our Mission:

“Offer Internationally Accepted, Practical, Integrated and Affordable Value Solutions in tackling pressing business challenges and harnessing opportunities in promoting best management practice.”


Our Values

Our values are the overarching principles that direct our approach to the development and provision of our courses and trainings. Everything we do should be consistent with these values and everyone who works at Africa Value Solutions Limited (AVS) should be aligned to them. We promote these values to our students and we expect these values to be upheld by them while they are learning with us and hopefully long after they have left AVS.

  • Inspirational, Convenient and Enjoyable Learning

Learning should be challenging. Excellent training delivery is remembered by learners and provides inspiration throughout their lives.

  • Working and achieving together

Having a shared sense of purpose during interactive sessions, with stakeholders working together to achieve their goals and celebrate successes.

  •  Mutual respect

Valuing and respecting delegates and instructors, by promoting equality, diversity and tolerance through positive communication and by challenging discrimination and antisocial behavior at all times.

  •  Opportunities for all

Africa Value Solutions Limited (AVS) is accessible to people of all abilities and encourages the ethics of lifelong learning for everyone.

  •  Continuous improvement

Our learners make a commitment to improvement when they register with Africa Value Solutions Limited. In turn, we are committed to continuous improvement so that the expectations of our students can be met.



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Africa Value Solutions LTD (AVS) | Co-operative Bank Building | Suite 405, 4th Floor | Ngong Road | Ngong Town | Kenya.

Email: info@avs.co.ke | Website: www.avs.co.ke | Tel: +254 (0) 77 555 1119 | Skype: reriani

Africa Value Solutions LTD is a Subsidiary of Faida Ventures LTD

PRINCE2, ITIL,  M_O_R are Registered Trade Marks of AXELOS Limited in the United Kingdom and other countries.