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Africa Value Solutions (AVS) is a true ATO that uses Accredited Expert Trainers and course materials to conduct all courses.

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Accredited Training?

What does Accredited Training mean? One answer is that this designation is granted by an Exam Institute to an Organization that meets the quality qualification criteria.

But what does Accredited Training mean to a student? It means that the material meets the latest Syllabus. The Syllabus is released by the Official Accreditor (APMG International and ISACA) and defines the scope of what can be on the exam. Hence Accredited Training means you are studying the material that will be on the exam. Grey Market Training may be excellent but may not cover everything for the exam.

Accredited Trainers

Africa Value Solutions (AVS) is a True ATO that uses Accredited Expert Trainers. We are not just a training company that resells courses and exams using Grey Market material and tells you to join a discussion group or blog for support.

How do you know it is Gray Market Training?

  • They offer Exam ONLY: The Exam Center tells Student to take the course somewhere else; There is no correlation between the course and trainer for passing the exam
  • They offer Course ONLY: Student is told to take the exam elsewhere; Training materials are NOT assessed for effectively passing the exams.
  • They do not have Expert Accredited Trainers:  They have an actor reading the slides
  • They do not have revision number on their courseware:  It is a mandatory Accreditation requirement to put the syllabus version number in the Accredited Training material
  • They do not offer a Paper Certificate and Pin:  They will send you a forged PDF version
  • They accept unverified Training Confirmation Forms: Exam Institutes do not verify authenticity of training; They will accept forged Training Confirmation Forms


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