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You have the plan, now what? With Africa Value Solutions (AVS) your delivery options are built to meet your requirements. With our endless network of learning resources we can help manage delivery of learning in any way, shape, or form. AVS can help you break down the barriers to learning (time, budget or location) and help execute a perfect learning plan.

Instructor-led (ILT): Traditional classroom continues to be one of our most popular training methods. Courses are designed to focus on offering the perfect blend of lecture, group discussion, and hands-on labs.

Real-time Virtual Instructor-led (RVI): A majority of our most popular and high demand courses are now available in a Real-time Virtual Instructor-led (RVI) format. Receive all of the benefits of traditional Instructor-led Classroom learning from virtually anywhere (home, office, or a nearby training facility). With high speed internet access, Africa Value Solutions will deliver the same remarkable learning event. RVI is a great option when regularly scheduled courses are not available nearby, in timeframe that fits your needs, or for organizations with team members across the globe.

Onsite/Private Custom Events: An increasing number of Africa Value Solutions training delivery is conducted onsite at our clients’ facilities? Onsite and customized training is the ideal solution for multiple students that need the same skill set or training that is built to their specifications. Africa Value Solutions works with your organization to ensure we offer a customized learning plan, the highest quality training and instructors with the proper skill set and real world experience. Training as a group helps make the most of your technologies and team. With customized training, each student increases their abilities, job roles become more defined, questions stay focused on relevant projects at hand and a uniform standard for efficiency and effectiveness is established.

Knowledge Blocks: Introducing a whole new way to meet your learning requirements. Knowledge Blocks are a set of specialized learning events covering specific topics in a series of 1-2 day learning events. You decide what skills are of highest priority to you and your organization and you create a custom learning schedule targeting those skills all while working within your busy schedule. Genius isn’t it?

Upcoming Public Workshops: Africa Value Solutions realizes the need to have convenient and available training options is at the top of our clients’ list. That is why we have created our new Upcoming Course schedule. We now offer the largest selection of upcoming courses across East Africa. Just look for our Upcoming Course icon on course schedules. Contact AVS to enroll in the easiest and most convenient way to plan your training. No more scheduling headaches and multiple cancellations for critical requirements.

Web-based/Video Learning Content and Creation: eLearning has come so far in recent years is that it is no longer the lesser alternative to ILT. Rich Streaming Media, High Speed Internet Access, Social Media, and the rise of Mobile Devices have made Web-based and Video Learning the learning method of choice. Whether you are in need of Content, Design, Compliance, or just need creative ways to help get your eLearning initiative off the ground. We can help.

Online Expert Mentoring (OEM): Need knowledge fast? OEM Learning allows us to provide instant knowledge transfer from our resource pool to your staff. This service is purchased in increments of 4 hours and you can have up to 5 of your staff members join our virtual classroom which allows participants to interact with an Engineer (Mentor) on key areas specific to your project and environment. Most engagements can be scoped and delivered in days not weeks.

Contract Instructors: Full on content, low on experts? Not a problem we have one handy. Contact Afica Value Solutios to help deliver internal training or fulfill last minute requirements on nearly any subject.

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