Exam Results

What is the exam-grading process?

Panels of experts examine every exam to ensure that the grading process provides an accurate assessment of a candidate’s proficiency. The experts establish the passing score for an exam and also use statistical analysis to make sure that different versions of an exam are equally challenging.

 What is the passing score on a certification exam?

A minimum score of 70/100 is required to successfully pass the certification exams.

 How long does it take to get my exam results?

You will receive an e-mail notification approximately six to eight weeks after the exam to let you know that your results. You must have provided an e-mail on your application to receive the notification. Follow the access instructions in the e-mail.

We recognize that prompt notification of exam results is important. We make every effort to provide results as soon as possible. Your exam results are confidential. We will not give results over the phone. We do not give information about your exam to third parties except at the written request of the person who took the exam.

 I passed the exam. What was my score?

The examination results will not include the exact grade that you had, only a mention of pass or fail.

 I did not pass. What is the retake policy?

In the case of a failure, the results will be accompanied with the list of domains in which you had a mark lower than the passing grade to provide guidance to prepare yourself to retake the exam.

There is no limit to the number of times you may retake an examination. You will, however, be charged a retake fee each time. You must retake the examination within two years of your last attempt. If you do not retake within this period, you will have to submit a new application with full certification fees.

 I have passed the exam, now what?

All participants who successfully pass their certification exam (or an equivalent) are entitled to apply for the PECB credentials they were examined for. Specific educational and professional requirements may be needed for you to be PECB certified. Candidates will need to fill out the online certification application form (that can be accessed via their PECB online profile), including contact details of references who will be contacted to validate the candidate’s professional experience.

Once PECB will have validated that you fulfill all certification requirements, you will be informed by e-mail of our decision and you will receive your certificate by e-mail.

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