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Many people have the view that getting a PRINCE2 qualification doesn’t make you a project manager. Well, I don’t mean to be flippant but did your five days at cookery school make you a professional chef? Did your summer holiday windsurfing course get you into the PWA? I don’t think so. Your five day PRINCE2 course (some are shorter) will just teach you […]

Multiple choice exams are: A.) Internationally acceptable B.) Not subject to one examiner’s opinion C.) Viable in electronic formats D.) In a format which enables a whole syllabus to be covered in a reasonable time frame E.)  Quick to mark, enabling candidates to get their results speedily F.)  All of the above, but I still […]

We advise candidates to go into their Practitioner exam armed with three coloured pens. Use them to  highlight anything in the scenario that seems relevant to each of the three questions you are being asked in a different colour. Don’t try and answer the three questions too soon. It is worth studying the scenario and questions […]