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 There has been a lot of discussion in the PM world recently about how to successfully implement Agile into a traditionally non-Agile environment. A recurring theme is that it may be easy to apply some outwardly visible signs of Agile, but that without proper understanding and knowledge, the project can easily descend into undirected “Agile […]

After passing your PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you may wonder what you can do now to make yourself even more employable. Are there key skills you should develop? Is it worthwhile becoming a practitioner? Here are some tips on where to go from here. It is always advantageous to have relevant experience when applying for any role, but […]

 A facilitator should be able to help a group mould its ideas into decisions and solutions with minimum effort on the part of the group, thus maximizing the use of the group members’ time. Groups will go through three stages: Stage One: Dysfunctional. There is strong leadership and the group’s agenda is set. The group can […]