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Frequently Asked Questions What is the purpose of COBIT 5? Who is using COBIT 5? Where are the control objectives in COBIT 5? Are there other major differences between COBIT 4.1 and COBIT 5? What is the overall quality of COBIT 5, and were any industry professionals part of the expert review? Can I use […]

 Imagine you have just been parachuted into a project. What are the three key things you should do immediately to move the project forward? Below are opinions from four experts. Adrian Hicks, Chief Examiner, MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) Read the business case. Read all the highlight reports. read all the board minutes. Andy Taylor, Assessor, MSP (Managing […]

The weakest link There is a potential and costly weakness in your information value chain. While you have spent fortunes on specifying and realizing information systems, if they aren’t used properly, then the value that you envisaged and on which you based your business case, simply isn’t realized. In addition to this, poor understanding of […]