Africa Value Solutions Limited (AVS)

 Whether you have just left education or are considering a change in career, it’s not always easy to know how to take the first step. One of our candidates recently asked us about a good entry route into the project management industry or the best way to obtain practical experience. He had recently graduated university […]

Why should people use accredited training organizations like Africa Value Solutions (AVS)?  We think the first thing about using an Accredited Training Organization is that you know they have been externally validated. Somebody has come in and audited them as a training company and for Africa Value Solutions (AVS), this has been done by APMG, […]

It’s all very well filing your lessons learned reports but is your organization taking note of them? During the project Start Up phase, project managers should look for Lessons Reports from previous projects and incorporate them in the Lessons Log for the new project. Tracking is a job for Project Assurance and this can be […]