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 What should you do when you take over a project that has been going wrong? One of our candidates was given a project and needed to produce a presentation for the Managing Director about the project in terms of where is stands, what went wrong and what his plans were to get it back on track. The […]

By Colin Bentley, former PRINCE2 Chief Examiner  The principles of the PRINCE2 project management method are: Continued business justification Learn from experience Defined roles and responsibilities Manage by stages Manage by exception Focus on products Tailor to suit the project environment. Not all project management methods contain these principles. There are some other concepts included […]

 Issue: Businesses suffer productivity losses, risks of poor decision-making and costly mistakes due to ineffective and inefficient use of information and related technology Guidance: Expanding the traditional Demand-Supply paradigm and thinking in terms of Demand-Supply-Use closes the circle and helps you to assess and improve the effectiveness of the whole information value chain Demand-Supply-Use The weakest link There is a potential […]