Why should people use accredited training organizations like Africa Value Solutions (AVS)?

 We think the first thing about using an Accredited Training Organization is that you know they have been externally validated. Somebody has come in and audited them as a training company and for Africa Value Solutions (AVS), this has been done by APMG, ISACA and other International accrediting bodies. It is important that we are audited from three aspects.

First of all it’s the quality of our training materials, so we have external assessors who look at everything that we’ve put together – the volume of materials that we’re asking people to do, the content of materials we’re asking them to do and pre-course, and also that the materials cover the full syllabus so that we’re not leaving anything out. It makes sure that from an external point of view, you know that the course materials you’ll have, will cover everything you need for the exams.

Secondly, the organization looks at whether our trainers know enough to be your trainer. All the trainers have to get an elevated mark in all the exam courses they train but also they’re looked at every year. An assessor comes in and sits in on the course and asks them questions about the materials after the course. So every twelve months you know that your trainer knows what they’re doing.

Finally, all of our materials and our processes for how we deal with booking exams, giving people their results and holding the courses are all looked at as well. It’s a really good external check. An accredited training organization means they have been verified.

How important is accreditation?

It’s very important that we have the quality mark when dealing with all our training’s. There are lots of training companies who are not accredited training organizations, they just hold courses in things that they want to be talking about. For Africa Value Solutions (AVS), knowing that there’s a link between what we’re doing, the syllabus, examinations and that we’re externally verified is that quality mark in the marketplace. It’s important to say “Actually somebody’s been looking at us and they think we’re very good at this.”

How should candidates choose their training providers?

We think there are lots of external indicators about whether or not a training company knows what they’re doing and sometimes it’s not the obvious ones. You really ought to ask about pass marks but think about pass marks contextually. Everybody can claim that they have the highest pass marks in the marketplace but we think if you’ve got a training company that really knows what they’re doing, have a look at their website. Have they got a knowledge base? Have they got articles? If they’re interested and they care about the subject then they are going to have lots of material and they will have been building that up for years so they’ll know what they’re doing. If they know what they’re doing in that regard, they’ll know what they’re doing in the classroom.

The other thing to look at is to ask! Ask “how experienced are the trainers? Have the trainers ever been a project manager or a project sponsor? Has my trainer ever been involved in large scale transformational change?” Because otherwise you may very well end up with somebody who is just reading a book aloud to you for a week. The experience of trainers is really important and I think it’s also worth asking what else your trainer is qualified in. We passionately believe that if you’re being trained on one thing, you want your trainer to add in lots of extra context to see the picture and pass on extra techniques and tips that they understand from other parts of the project management world. So if you’ve got a PRINCE2 or ITIL trainer, what else are they trained in? Africa Value Solutions through our International network has access to over 200 highly experienced trainers in a variety of fields.

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