Business Information Management

Within the complexity of today’s market, organizations simply cannot function without a fully functioning information provision, including technology (IT). The most critical elements are found in the alignment of IT and business processes. It is precisely this alignment that is often far from perfect. All over the world people are looking for guidance on how to manage business information management.

BiSL framework

The BiSL® process model provides an insight on all the primary processes within the field of business information management and the relation between the various processes.

BiSL Training courses

I am training professionals all over the world and I’ve seen a lot of interest in BiSL, for example in the USA. However, most BiSL training courses are scheduled in the Netherlands.

BiSL Foundation Exam

On LinkedIn I saw people from all over the world asking how they could take the BiSL exam.  I wondered how Capgemini could help. On one hand the ASL BiSL Foundation and APMG were trying to provide examinations in other countries. On the other hand, an accredited training organization can provide virtual exams to their participants via the Internet. So I wondered whether we could provide training courses (including exams) all over the globe.

The solution

Beside BiSL training courses I also provide training in ITIL. I had already worked on the development of Capgemini’s virtual ITIL training course (including exam) because so many of our customers don’t their employees to travel, due to high costs and loss of precious time. Being a BiSL expert that is able to provide virtual training in ITIL it was easy to come up with a virtual BiSL training course including a virtual exam. This makes us the first (Dutch) company to provide BISL training courses and exams all over the globe.