The first step in trying to claim PDUs from any professional body is to check directly with them what they do and do not accept.

PRINCE2 is not a PMI qualification. Therefore, PMI does not form part of our expertise, but PMI is quite generous about what you can claim PDU’s for. You can submit a link to the course you’ve taken in your PDU record. Especially if you pass the exam you should have no problem getting them to accept this as part of your record.

If you get your PM training from a PMI REP then every course will have a PDU REP code on it and a record of how many hours you can claim.

Many trainers around the world are both PMI REPs and PRINCE2 ATOs. They will be able to provide more advice and, if applicable, provide the REP Code details.

If you have taken a CBT course and want recognition for that, you should claim the 15 hours for Self-Directed Learning’ within the PMI scheme.