Lead Auditor vs. Lead Implementer Course – Which one to go for?

Lead Auditor vs. Lead Implementer Course – Which one to go for?

 Africa Value Solutions (AVS) ISO training courses entail a combination of class work, exercises, real life experience, discussions, observation, homework, practical application and study. All our courses are intensive and they enable the participants to develop the expertise necessary to support an organization in implementing and/or auditing management systems.

There are normally two career paths one can take. These include the Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor career paths.

The Lead Implementer course enables participants to develop an expertise to support an organization in implementing and managing a Management System based on ISO. All our lead implementer courses are consistent with the good practices of project management established in ISO 10006 (Quality Management Systems  Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects) and Integrated Implementation Methodology for Management Systems and Standards (IMS2.

The Lead Auditor courses enable participants to develop the expertise needed to audit a Management System and to manage a team of auditors by applying widely recognized audit principlesprocedures and techniques. Based on practical exercises, the participant will develop the abilities (mastering audit techniques) and skills (managing audit teams and audit program, communicating with customers, conflict resolution, etc.) necessary to the efficient conduct of an audit. All our lead auditor training courses include Accepted Audit Methodology for Management Systems and Standards (AMS2).

The main difference between the Lead Auditor and the Lead Implementer is in their focus. If you want to focus your career on auditing, you should definitely go for the Lead Auditor course; if you are a practitioner who is focused on implementation, you should go for the Lead Implementer course. If you are in a consulting business, you should probably go for both, because this is how you will learn not only the implementation techniques, but also the certification auditors criteria; not to mention that the more certificates you have as a consultant, the more valuable you are.

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