It’s a common problem among our successful PRINCE2 candidates that once they have achieved their certification, their managers don’t recognize the processes they are trying to put in place. The candidates are likely to have taken the PRINCE2 exam to progress their careers and prove their knowledge, but what’s the point if, when they return to work, they cannot apply their new skills? If this sounds familiar to you, here are some tips on how to present PRINCE2 to your manager and bridge the gap between your working day and your project management qualifications.

In practice, PRINCE2 requires commitment and understanding from senior management, so it is important to get them on side. If the project decisions are supported by management, they are more likely to benefit the whole organization. Manage your manager like you would a project; align your solution to what he or she wants. A good place to start may be to look at areas where current practices are not delivering. Explain to your manager the key issues he or she wants to address and then present PRINCE2 methodologies as the way these needs can be met. Don’t lead with PRINCE2, make its processes relevant first then describe how they apply to your project.