The workplace environment has changed and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Professional qualifications are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of industry sectors because they not only help to provide employees with industry-specific skills but also demonstrate a commitment to training and career development.

Investing in yourself by taking a professional qualification is indeed a wise decision. Research shows that people who attend professional courses and gain recognized qualifications are better paid and more likely to get the best jobs. They also benefit from being more motivated, more engaged and happier in their roles than people who don’t continue with formal career development.

Africa Value Solutions (AVS) an APMG and ISSACA accredited training provider, offers professional qualification trainings in Project Management (PRINCE2 and PMP), IT Service Management (ITIL), ISO/IEC 20000 (IT Service Management), ISO 27001 (IT Security Management), Management of Risk (M_O_R), Management of Value (M_O_V), Lean Six-Sigma (Business Management), COBIT 5, Applications Management (ASL & BiSL) among other internationally recognized professional certifications. AVS is always working to position itself as “Your Training Provider of Choice”. AVS offers only the highest quality of training from experts in the respective fields.

You cannot afford to ignore the changed work environment. In today’s super competitive employment arena, professional qualifications can help you stand out from the competition and give you an edge when applying for that new job or internal promotion. Research indicates that people who hold professional qualifications and memberships increase the probability of being employed by over 23%. Those who hold professional qualifications earn 37% more on average than their colleagues who are not qualified.

Undergoing some training will help you to cope better with the pressures of your role because even if you choose to take a course that is not directly related to your current career such as PRINCE2 and PMP for project management or ITIL for IT service management, you’ll have a broader, and more strategic, view of your professional world afterwards.

Being awarded a professional certification or accreditation from your industry body is widely regarded as an acceptance of your professional status within that industry. Most professional qualifications are distinct from educational qualifications such as undergraduate degrees or national vocational qualifications.

Professional certificates have a number of benefits but primarily they demonstrate that the professional has reached an industry standard in terms of competence within their field. For example a vast number of people adopt the title of project manager although for many this simply means they serve a function within the project management department of an organization or company but not that they are necessarily trained as professional project managers. For career project managers a qualification awarded by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in the United Kingdom in corroboration with APMG International such as PRINCE2  or AGILE sets these project managers apart from those who simply serve some managers of projects function within their job description.

For an employer, professional qualifications serve another purpose in helping them to establish the competence of their employees, which is often a difficult challenge particularly in larger organizations with large numbers of staff where it is easier for individuals to slip through the woodwork.

For employees the additional benefit of taking a professional qualification are to increase one’s market value as a skilled employee leading to promotions and pay rises either within their existing role or when looking for a new position elsewhere.