With Remote Proctor Now, all you need is a computer with audio and video capabilities and a suitable internet service provider.

The booking process is easy – when you are ready to take your exam you simply contact Africa Value Solutions Limited (AVS) to arrange a date and time. As the process is entirely online, exams can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once an exam is booked, you will receive an access code via email; you can then follow the instructions in the email, download the software and start the exam.

After you have filled in your details, the software will check your computer’s compatibility and prompt you to shut down any remote assistance/control applications you have open. When your desktop is secure, you will be asked to enter your exam code which will then take you to the online exam room. At this point you will need identify yourself, which is done by taking a photo of yourself and of your passport or driver’s license, and verify that the room you are in is suitable for exam conditions.

This means you will need to use your computer’s camera to scan the entire room, including the surface of your desk, under the desk, the walls, ceiling and floor area. By doing this, you are proving that you have no reference materials available to you and there is no one else in the room who will be helping you with your exam. The use of televisions, radios, phones, headsets and any other electronic devices is prohibited. Once you have done this, the camera should be returned to a position where it can record your face throughout the duration of the exam.

After these checks have been completed, you can start the exam. You will be given the appropriate amount of time to complete it depending on which qualification you are doing and once you click finish you will be given a preliminary result. This way, you will know immediately whether or not you have passed, however your result will still need to be verified by your ATO. Your certificate will be sent to you by your ATO upon successful verification of your grade.

All Foundation exams and ITIL Intermediate exams are available to be taken via Proctor Now. Candidates wishing to book a remotely proctored exam will need to book it through Africa Value Solutions Limited (AVS). Please contact us at info@avs.co.ke