Now I’ve got your attention I want to give you some tips if you’re taking your exam online at home. Africa Value Solutions Limited (AVS) offers the ability to take some of our exams in the comfort of your home.

No 1.

Wear some clothes.  Every second of your exam is recorded and reviewed, so please do consider what you’re wearing. We’ve seen people taking exams wearing flimsy negligees, reindeer dressing gowns and Sponge Bob boxer shorts. We’re not fussy about the dress code so we don’t expect you to dress smartly, just remember that someone will watch you taking the exam.  Jeans and a t-shirt is perfect!

No 2.

You must be alone. You can’t chat to anyone – not even the cat. Please keep pets, partners and children away while you take your exam.

No 3.

Get out of bed.  We’ve seen people attempting to take their exam in bed – while their partner lies next to them.  This won’t get you a pass so please don’t consider it! You’re better off sitting at a desk or table and you can then follow tip no 4 more easily too.


No 4.

Scan the room slowly all the way round and up and down. You’ve got to do a 360 degree scan of the room and that includes under the desk and right above and behind you. If you perform the scan too quickly, we won’t be able to see the room, so take it slow.  You’ll get full instructions when you register – please follow these carefully as you will be issued a breach result if you don’t  follow the instructions correctly.

No 5.

We’re actively looking for signs of cheating. They are not difficult to spot. We can see if you’re referring to a source of information and our software picks up repetitive motion – so please don’t even try. Remember your Foundation exam is closed book so you can’t have anything with you. Practitioner exams are open book and you can refer to your manual.

No 6.

Don’t forget your ID. Check what you need before you sit down for the exam. Without the proper ID, even if you have taken the exam, you will breach your result. Your passport is ideal but check the instructions for other forms of acceptable ID and don’t forget to have it with you when you start. If you go off into another room to hunt for ID you will breach the exam.

No 7.

Remember you are being watched.  It might not feel like it but your exam footage will be reviewed either while you are taking the exam or after you have taken it. Any question whatsoever about the integrity of your exam will result in a breach. Unfortunately remote exams must be administered this way in order to be fair to everyone. So give yourself the best chance by being prepared.

No 8.

Please actually read the T&C before ticking the box and continuing with the exam.

No 9.

When we ask for the room to be clear, we mean nothing should be on the floor, desk or shelves in the room where you are taking your exam.  This includes bags, papers or books as they could contain reference materials.  So, it’s a good excuse for a de-clutter but remember you need to do it before you start the exam.

No 10.

Relax and concentrate. Treat this exam as you would any other. Don’t get flustered. If you have prepared well enough you are sure to pass.  Good luck!


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