Virtual education refers to instruction in a learning environment where teacher and student are separated by time or space, or both, and the teacher provides course content through the use of methods such as course management applications, multimedia resources, the Internet, and videoconferencing. Students receive the content and communicate with the teacher via the same technologies.

With travel restrictions now being commonplace across the globe, companies and employees are being asked to do more with less as well as being required to add as much value as possible to their organizations.  In order to move forward in this changing world, learning and development is a key commodity.  Unfortunately, attending training classes often means travel.  Virtual Classroom Learning is one important method to solve this ongoing problem.

Africa Value Solution’s Virtual Classroom learning program allows you to attend the classes you need to in a cost effective, convenient virtual learning environment.  Our online learning environment allows you to interact with the trainer and other participants as well as attend classes at times that are more suitable to you and your company.  Virtual break out rooms are provided in this unique environment as well as the ability to follow along using a printed copy of your own student workbook.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Training:

  • A fully interactive virtual classroom allows you to interact and collaborate with the Trainer as well as other participants in the Virtual class
  • Sessions can be recorded, allowing you to review each session “offline”  Missing a session is now a thing of the past as you can review the recorded sessions later.
  • Cost Effective.  No travel is required to attend these Virtual Classroom Sessions
  • All Virtual classes still qualify for learning credits

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