Each year, Arras People creates a report for the project and programme management community, called the Project Management Benchmark report. Addressing topics from salaries and bonuses to experience and certification, the report provides up to date statistics which help training organizations and employers to better cater to their customers and give project and programme managers of all levels the information they need when making decisions about career progression.

The report highlights the current climate of the PPM industry in terms of demographics of the community, salaries and levels of education and experience. It determines what employers are looking for when they recruit new managers and the attributes and characteristics a successful candidate is likely to have. Additionally, it defines the top PPM competencies for management roles and how relevant qualifications and accreditation truly are in this current climate. More recent reports have explored changes in the average number of hours worked and how the recession has affected PPM employment rates and salaries.

Now in its eighth year, Arras People is looking for respondents to provide information for the Project Management Benchmark Report 2013.